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2017 community W0rkshops - register now for the current community courses below


No Courses until Term 2 - 2018

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Anger / Conflict managemEnt  - STARTS 31ST JULY, 2017  - REGISTER NOW!

This six week workshop will give you better understanding of anger issues, and enable you to manage your own anger better. You will also gain skills in conflict resolution, building on knowledge you already have. You will discover more about yourself and others in your life, which will improve your relationships.

* Fired up then regret it?
* Have trouble controlling outbursts
* Finding the you are apologising often?

Six week workshop - 2 hours per week
Older couple receives counselling courses in Auckland


For parents who speak Mandarin and have children in all age groups.  In six two & half hour sessions over 6 weeks this course is packed full of ideas for parents with children in all age groups. These are the most important years in your child's development! Learn how to lay the building blocks for a great future. Being the parent your child needs is important.

Visit The Parenting Place website to book and pay. Click on the link below or copy & paste the URL into your browser. years/
  • Date: TBA
  • Time TBA
  • Venue: Pakuranga Counselling Centre, 207 Ti Rakau Drive, Pakuranga 
  • See The Parenting Place www for more information
  • Investment: $75 per person, Couples $110 incl gst 
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OTHER Community Workshops Offered

Browse through our current community workshops on offer to see if there is one that you might find useful for your situation. If you need advice, please do not hesitate to call our staff in Auckland with any queries, and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Communication
  • Parenting (Toolbox)
  • Blended Families
  • Boundaries


The emphasis on this workshop is to enhance communication within relationships, principally your partner and family. It will help identify areas that need strengthening in a person’s communication skills.The participant will gain insights, practical skills and strategies on how to communicate with others.

Six week workshop - 2 hours per week

BLENDED FAMILIES  -  CURRENTLY UNDERWAY IF YOU are     interested in a future course date CONTACT US 

This six week community workshop will help you and those closest to you to understand how to have a happy blended family environment. Get a whole new perspective on what makes blended families work well together. 
Learn how to deal with historical and current relationships and how to work with the children to get the most of life.

* Two families one home?
* Divided Loyalties? 
* Pushing the Limits? 

Six Weeks 2 hours per week 

              Self Esteem - COURSE

Self Esteem is a term in psychology to reflect a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth – how they feel about themselves. Today, because of relationship breakdowns, other family or work related issues, people are struggling with Self Esteem.   

It is not the “facts” about one’s self, but rather what one believes to be “true” about one’s self that creates the issues. 

These issues can cause untold misery, and prevent a person from reaching their true potential in life. This course will enable the participant to understand why they are the way they are, and how to grow their Self Esteem.

Six week workshop - 2 hours per week 

Toolbox parenting workshops - at pakuranga counselling centre - supported by the parenting place

Early Years (0-5 yrs)

The most important years in your child's development are these early years. No one will influence your child's future more than you will. Remember when it comes to your child's development that you are the builder and everyone else is merely the sub-contractor.
Toolbox is there to help you enjoy these years with your child. During these six sessions you will discover and apply new tools and strategies to use with your family. Our hope is that by the end of this course you will have the skills to set appropriate boundaries for your child and develop a strong and loving bond with them. Never forget that the effort you put into parenting your children during these early years will have enormous pay-offs in the future.
  • Parenting manual provided

Middle Years (6-11 yrs)

Nothing gives parents more pleasure than seeing their children grow and mature in the family. The middle years are vital. They are your window of opportunity to stay connected, teach skills and build memories. This is when children learn about right and wrong, and most important of all, it is during these years that they are still interested in what you, as a parent, think!
The six sessions of this course will provide you with the skills and strategies needed to be the parent you have always hoped to be. You will be given insight into the particular challenges and unique opportunities that the middle years bring. And you will gain tools for confidently handling the challenges that arise along the way.
  • Parenting manual provided

Teen Years (12-18 yrs)

The teenage years can be like riding a roller coaster; Toolbox courses aim to take out a few of the nastier twists and turns on the track, and also to help you to hold on and enjoy the ride.
The Tweens and Teens Toolbox is completely realistic – it addresses the serious dangers and problems that teenagers can encounter and gives practical coaching strategies to handle them. But it is also encouraging in that the course never loses sight of the fact that there is so much to enjoy as your children go through this stage.
Toolbox is ideal for parents whose children have not yet reached puberty, or are in the early 'tween' stage of adolescence: you won't be caught unprepared and if your children are already in the midst of the teenage years, there is so much in every session you will be able to use straight away.
  • Parenting manual provided
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